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Inovo Tiancheng (Tianjin) Industrial Technology Limited company is located in Tianjin Binhai new area of Tanggu Fuzhou road. Mainly engaged in industrial equipment and products of technology development and sales, core products mainly for pneumatic tools, power tools, hand tools, full hydraulic drilling machine, measuring instruments, cutting tools, machinery and electrical equipment products. Our customer base throughout the aerospace Industry, Automobile manufacturing industry and auto parts manufacturing industry, general machinery industry, household appliances and light assembly, shipbuilding, petrochemical industry, furniture and other industries.

Our company adhere to the " integrity of life, and trustworthy business " business philosophy, and the efficient-pragmatic management philosophy. Integrating the respective advantages of the domestic and foreign industry leading enterprises. At the same time to contact our own actual situation, take the customer as the focus, and targeted selection of industry leading brand in market sales. Our Company has been respected with the most cost-effective products, the best quality service and customer-oriented sales service concept .One of the most competitive acting brand is inovo products, at the same time as France's Desoutter , American CP, Japanese original small, Germany Gedore, Germany Havoger, Hongkong Eagle, AVIC Oriental instrument factory, haike Sikang group, Japan Black outstanding industry company limited, the United States Ricci, American brands such as Cherry and so on.

At the same time ,our company maintain good cooperation partnership with the same industry, regional sales manufacturers in domestic and foreign industry. Our company also pay attention to social development and environmental factors, and actively participate in social welfare career. Our company has full-time product marketing manager who is responsible for technical support for the market. According to the actual market status priority established automotive tools business manager, The aerospace business manager,and Welding equipment business manager. All the managers have received relevant field at home and abroad product specialist training guidance.They are Involved in tools industry for 3 ~ 10 years, in their respective areas have very rich practical experience. As a crossover network management concept, our company have established sales specialist, aggrandizement target for Toyota, Xiali, AVIC helicopter, Tianjin Airbus and other large customers .aggrandizement target and and sales support .The company also established and maintained close contact with manufacturer technology channel, so we can receive each manufacturers latest products technical guidance and training in the first time , to ensure provide the newer and better products to our customers,.at the same time we can be the fastest and most extensive worldwide to provide technical support for customers.


Inovo tiancheng ( Tianjin ) industrial technology limited company is wholeheartedly willing to provide high quality products, best service and more extensive range of selection for you !


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